Erikids Annual Concert 2018

On Saturday, October 20th, Erikids, a premier Kindergarten which has been in operation for 17 years in Ampang, Malaysia, celebrated the end of another scholastic year for its young students with another brilliant annual concert.

Among the many Malaysian preschools in Ampang, Erikids has developed a strong reputation for quality and excellence in early childhood education, particularly for its ability to provide preschool education to international preschool students.  Erikids Preschool continues to hold fast to its commitment to providing education for their students which is both age and level appropriate, while ensuring learning is fun, effective and safe.

On Saturday, the parents of these children were treated to a wide variety of song and dance acts and even a series of meaningful drama sketches, all of which emphasized the theme of international diversity.  All four levels – Nursery, Pre-1, Pre-2 and Pre-3 – took turns in delivering their splendid performances for their captivated audience who, in return, rewarded the children with consecutive applause! 

This event did not only mark the end of the scholastic year.  It also represented a fond farewell to the Pre-3 students who were bidding farewell to the teaching staff of Erikids after 4 years of loving care at the institute.  They will be greatly missed!

Also in attendance were the Guest of Honour, Mr Ki Chong, Director of Erican Education Group, Ms Anna Nathan, Principal of Erikids, and Mr Douglas Larke, Academic Development Manager for Erican Education Group and MC of this special event.

To all parents, Erikids thanks you for attending and giving your support!  And to all children, congratulations on a job well done!  We’re very proud of all of your accomplishments!  We’ll see you in 2019!  To our young graduates, we will miss you dearly, but know that you will do us proud as you enter primary school next year!