Developmentally Appropriate Approach(DAA)
The Developmentally Appropriate Approach is child-centered and teacher-guided. Teachers act as facilitators who give children age-appropriate and individually-appropriate guidance in order to help them to acquire desired skills. The DA Approach encourages teachers to observe and spot each child's individual interest, gift and talent so that the learning process isn't undermined by either a too loose or too rigid education system.

Additionally, the DA Approach emphasises all aspects of development, so socio-emotional and physical development will not be neglected either.

Thematic Learning
At ERIKIDS, the theme is linked throughout the subjects so the children can relate one subject to another. This application skill is essential for children to be able to see connections amongst different topics and interpret them from different perspectives. They can then apply the knowledge in a real life situation. Thematic approach is recognised by world renowned child psychologists as the best method of teaching children in a developmentally appropriate classroom. It is the latest and definitely the most effective method.

Lessons which are based on themes are developmentally appropriate. Children with varying thinking abilities are able to learn as much as they can during the theme period. No matter what the thinking ability, each child is exposed to material at the most appropriate level suitable for him/her. Through a thematic approach, children are exposed to in-depth knowledge about a topic and can immediately relate that to the world around them meaningfully. They scrutinise problems and generate their own solutions. Thematic approach encourages children to become wise, independent thinkers.